Barcelona is miserable with Coutinho

Coutinho is one of Barcelona’s most anticipated signings to fill Neymar’s position. The Brazilian midfielder was one of the Premier League’s top stars at the time. Therefore, the Nou Camp team does not regret “money” to be recruited.

Barcelona spent up to £ 124 million to bring Coutinho to La Liga and this number could rise to £ 142 million with terms attached. However, the Brazilian midfielder never met expectations.

Coutinho’s problem at Barcelona is the gameplay somewhat similar to Messi. Although kicking against the wing, both are subject to move and “eat” the ball much while on the field there is only one rolling ball. All of Barcelona’s passes were directed at the Argentinian superstar.

Therefore, despite trying very hard to integrate under 3 coaches Valverde, Setien and now Koeman, Coutinho’s position has never been improved. Perhaps the Barcelona deal was wrong from the start.

Currently, Barcelona is also in a dilemma with Coutinho’s case. The Brazilian midfielder has only 8 games left to reach 100 matches for the Nou Camp team. By that time, Barcelona will have to pay Liverpool an additional £ 18 million to complete £ 142 million in the contract.

However, the Covid-19 translation caused Barcelona’s finances in crisis, so they did not want to pay this amount. That means that if Koeman wants to, he cannot use Coutinho. One way for Barcelona to get out of this situation is to sell his “hit blockbuster”.

But there is another problem, that is, Coutinho’s price is too “poor” compared to what Barcelona spent. The press reports that the Nou Camp team is ready to sell the Brazilian midfielder for £ 45 million, less than a third of what they spent.

Accepting a loss but Barcelona is still difficult to push away because Coutinho’s salary is not low and the midfielder is constantly injured. Barcelona’s latest appearance, the Brazilian midfielder could not play all the match even from the bench. No one wants to spend nearly 50 million pounds to collect a “sick soldier”. It can be said that Barcelona is “dilemma” in this case.

Ronaldo gave the prize to Lewandowski, how did Messi react?

At the Globe Soccer Award 2020 held in Dubai (UAE), Ronaldo defeated three opponents including Messi, Ronaldinho and Salah to receive the award “Best Player of the 21st Century” (calculated for two decades , from 2001 to 2020). According to results from public online voting, the Portuguese superstar received 38% of the votes, far ahead of 24% of the votes for Messi.

Immediately after receiving this prestigious award, Ronaldo shared on Twitter: “Can’t be happier with this award tonight. As I am about to celebrate my 20th anniversary as a professional soccer player, Globe Soccer Player Of The Century is the recognition I have with so much joy and pride.”

Messi himself did not hesitate to praise Ronaldo in an interview with La Sexta on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Specifically, Messi compared the Portuguese superstar with Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and LeBron James.

There are many admirable athletes. Nadal, Federer, LeBron James are the standouts in their sport. One person stands out in all sports. Ronaldo stands out in football. He’s always doing his best, ”Messi said.

Also in this awards ceremony, Ronaldo was also voted the most in the category “Best Player of the Year” with 42% of the votes, compared with 38% for Lewandowski and 20% for Messi. However, these are the votes from fans, only 40% of the weight, while the remaining 60% comes from the choice of the jury.

Tuttosport newspaper said that the jury chose Lewandowski as the best player in 2020, not Ronaldo. There are many information that Ronaldo and representative Jorge Mendes has actively “ceded” to Lewandowski, but there is no evidence to confirm this. The Italian newspaper instructed Ronaldo and Mendes that they “honestly recognize Lewandowski as the one who deserves the award“.

Man Utd – the war has only just begun

After winning Leeds 6-2, Man Utd was brought to the cloud. Former captain Roy Keane said the old team was only inferior to Liverpool. Gary Neville likened Scott McTominay to his former teammate Paul Scholes. Former Man City defender, now BBC commentator Micah Richards advised “Reds” to take into account the ability to compete for the championship. Even the insider, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also admitted, his team could score twice as many goals and beat the opponent with the score 12-4.

The belief of Man Utd people has basis. Since Alex Ferguson’s retirement, the Old Trafford owner has never been so fiercely chased before Christmas. The closest they have had in the past seven seasons, was when David Moyes took power in 2013. At that time, the red shirt team was eight points behind the top team but all in eighth place. In the 2017-2018 season, under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, Man Utd had the best position – second. However, the 13-point gap with Man City is almost impossible to level, especially when the “Red Devils” have just fallen in the Manchester derby.

This season, Man Utd is ranked third, but it is possible to jump to second place if winning a match. The gap with the top team Liverpool will likely decrease from five to two points before the two sides face off on January 17. More importantly, signals about a charming “Red Devil” were coming. They have scored 28 goals in 13 rounds, just behind defending champions Liverpool, and have just erased the almost only shortcoming from the start of the season – having good results at home.

If there are doubts about the revival of Man Utd, the feet of Solskjaer students will replace the Norwegian teacher. In the win over Leeds, even with only 41% possession of the ball, the home team moved the total distance 110.21km, far ahead of the loss against Tottenham (100.23km), Crystal Palace (105.48km) and Arsenal (106, 67km). If before, the counter-attacking team was always defaulted to cluster kicks, hold positions, and move mainly to fill holes, “Red Devils” now tell the opposite story. They run on the same level with the most energetic team in the Premier League, counterattack no less than Liverpool, and are ready to score from many positions like Man City.

Solskjaer’s boldness makes changes. Micah Richards commented: “Many teams when they meet Leeds will actively defend and wait for their opponents to attack. Man Utd is different. They always fix the three high speed attackers above – Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Daniel James Every time Man Utd gets on the ball, the midfield of Leeds is easily left behind Kalvin Phillips, one of the best midfielder in the Premier League right now, is overwhelmed. I go back to three every time I go back “.

Solskjaer was in fact richer in calculations from the draw of Man City. At that time, Man Utd just dropped out of the Champions League. They are under pressure from all sides, but not foolishly rushing up like a burnt ones. “It couldn’t be seen as a negative performance,” Richards continued. “One point against an equal number of opponents has never been considered bad. Solskjaer wants to withdraw, before kicking off in easy wins and forced to win like Leeds”.

Leeds once made Liverpool struggle to win three points on the opening day of the new season. But their innocent, open-minded kicks become a good prey for a pure Man Utd counterattack. Including the victory over Leeds on the evening of December 20, Solskjaer teachers and students won an average of 2.11 points per match when holding the ball below 50%. That statistic is even better than Mourinho, the coach is considered a pragmatic master but only wins an average of 1.65 points with Man Utd when the team holds the ball below 50%. When holding the ball over 50%, Man Utd of Solskjaer is worse than his predecessor. They averaged only 1.71 points compared to 1.97 like Mourinho’s time.

Five months after finishing the 2019-2020 season in third place, Man Utd returned to this “seat”, but with a completely different mindset. Instead of a 33-point difference, they are now only five. “Like it or not, Man Utd will still be listed in the list of champions,” commented Sky Sports. The problem is that the red half of Manchester has never been able to guarantee it until the end of the season because the gap between them and the top team, the post-Alex Ferguson period, has always been deepened after Christmas. Four of the last seven seasons, the gap has increased by more than 10 points. The two best seasons Man Utd were chasing, 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, they were left behind by six points.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the top 10 goals of the world (Part1)

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (402 goals)

Ranked 10th in the list of top 10 most scorers at club level and the national team still playing is striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. During his career, the former Dutch player has experienced many big football teams such as Ajax, Real Madrid, AC Milan or Schalke 04. In which his time at Ajax was the most successful when Huntelaar scored 153 goals.

Before joining Ajax, the striker scored 27 goals at AGOVV and 29 at Heerenveen. After leaving Ajax, Huntelaar switched to Real, but this was an unsuccessful deal for the striker born in 1983, because he scored only 8 goals in 22 appearances.

Then Klaas-Jan Huntelaar joined AC Milan (scored 7 goals), Schalke 04 (scored 126). At national level, Huntelaar “Hunters” has 42 goals.

Edinson Cavani (407 goals)

Scoring a little more than Huntelaar was General Edinson Cavani. As of 3/12/2020, the 33-year-old striker had a total of 407 goals, including 12 goals for the Uruguayan team, Danubio FC, 37 goals for Palermo, 104 goals for Napoli, 200 for PSG and 3 goals. for the Red Devils. If he can keep his form at MU, Cavani can completely improve his scoring performance.

Sergio Aguero (420 goals)

During his career, Sergio Aguero has scored 420 goals in 759 appearances. 23 is the number of goals scored by the Argentine striker in the youth team Independiente. Joining Atletico, Kun has 101 goals in 234 matches. And currently the number of goals this player has at Man City is 255. Aguero has also scored 41 goals for the Argentina national team.

Sebastian Abreu (430 goals)

Sebastian Abreu is probably a rare face still playing at the age of 44. During his career, the Uruguayan striker has joined a variety of football teams, including Defensor Sporting (30 goals), San Lorenzo (42), Deportivo La Coruña (4), Grêmio (1), Tecos (34), Nacional (48), Cruz Azul (46), América (3), Sinaloa (22), Monterrey (8), San Luis ( 5), UANL (7), River Plate (12), Real Sociedad (11), Aris (5), Botafogo (62), Figueirense (1), Rosario Central (11), SD Aucas (4), Sol de América (2), Santa Tecla (13), Bangu (3), Central Español (6), Deportes Puerto Montt (11), Magallanes (3), Rio Branco (6), Boston River (4).

At the national level, the striker also left many marks when he scored 26 goals in 70 matches.

Ali Ashfaq (463 goals)

A rare Asian player in the top 10 most scoring stars at club level and the national team still playing is Ali Ashfaq. Maldives striker scored 104 goals (Club Valencia), 129 goals (New Radiant), 2 goals (DPMM FC), 93 goals (VB Addu FC), 47 goals (PDRM FA), 8 goals (Maziya S&RC), 16 goals (TC Sports Club), 11 goals (Club Green Streets) and 53 goals for the Maldives national team.


What do we find out after the match between Chelsea and Leeds?

Olivier Giroud continued to score

In the middle of the week, striker Olivier Giroud scored all four goals for Chelsea against Sevilla to help the English team win 4-0. With impressive performances, the French player was rewarded with the first kick against Leeds. The 34-year-old star has responded to Lampard’s confidence with an impressive performance.

Giroud was the 1-1 equalizer for Chelsea in the 27th minute. After soft handling, Ziyech husband for Reece James and Chelsea’s No. 1 right back now put the ball in too precisely for Giroud to raise his foot. One-touch point kills the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Olivier Giroud was the first player to score in six consecutive Premier League matches for Chelsea since Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink in October 2001. At 34 66 days, Giroud is also the oldest player to ever score in six consecutive appearances in the Premier League.

Patrick Bamford’s effort was not enough

This season, striker Patrick Bamford is one of the best players in Leeds’s squad. At Stamford Bridge, this striker was the one who opened the score for the visitors from the 4th minute.

In a flash, Kalvin Phillips stretched from the left flank into the middle and Patrick Bamford rushed down to catch the ball, overtook Mendy and gently kicked the old team net. Patrick Bamford (born 1993) grew up from the Chelsea training station but was never given a chance in the first team and in 2018 he joined Leeds United.

According to statistics, Patrick Bamford has scored 7 away goals in the Premier League this season, the most in the tournament. However, his strike could not help Leeds win points on the Chelsea field.

Kurt Zouma continued to score

Midfielder Kurt Zouma has a great maturity this season. The star born in 1994 with Thiago Silva is currently Chelsea’s No. 1 midfielder pair at the moment. The French midfielder proved strong in the dispute, he was also very accurate in situations on the ball.

Not only good defense, Kurt Zouma also shows great attack support. 61 minutes from the corner kick, Zouma brought the goal for Chelsea after a powerful header. It should be remembered that this is already the fourth goal of the French midfielder in the Premier League this season, on par with Timo Werner’s record. The 26-year-old is becoming the solution to finding a goal at times when Chelsea have struggled.

Chelsea raised the unbeaten series to 16

Despite many difficulties against Leeds, Chelsea also completed the 3-point goal. This victory extended the impressive series of the London team. Accordingly, the Blues have been unbeaten in the last 16 matches on all fronts, with 10 wins in the quiz.

In the Premier League, Chelsea are unbeaten in 9 rounds, including 5 wins and 4 draws. With 3 points obtained against Leeds, the Blues has officially risen to the top of the rankings. They are 1 point ahead of Tottenham and Liverpool. May not dominate for too long, but Chelsea showed that they are heavyweight candidates for the Premier League title this season.

Real Madrid lost pain to welcome bad news about Hazard: What did Zidane justify?

Real Madrid has just had the second loss in the last 3 rounds when it was beaten 2-1 by Alaves despite playing at home. Lucas Perez and Joselu are the two-goal scorers for the visitors while Real Madrid has only had one successful response from Casemiro. If Isco’s stoppage-time finish did not find the crossbar, Real Madrid would have had 1 point.

However, that doesn’t change much because Real Madrid is playing really not well. This is puzzling after what they performed to Inter in midweek and even Zinedine Zidane cannot explain.

I also do not understand why. Today, we have alternating good and bad moments. Alaves had the opening goal in the 3rd minute, making things complicated. We played well in Milan but today, I have to face reality. What we have been doing must continue. It is training, restoring and regaining motivation. I think we are lacking in focus.

I will not reveal what I will do but I will definitely find a solution with my students. We should not just think about negative things. The players also did some things that couldn’t be criticized and needed more concentration.

Not only lost, but Real Madrid also received bad news when Eden Hazard was injured. The Belgian midfielder played only about half of the first half before being replaced by Rodrygo. Coach Zidane is also unclear about the student’s situation: “I think and hope it is just a mild pain. I don’t expect it to be a muscle injury.”

Eden Hazard feels uncomfortable with a muscle bundle in his right leg when moving. The Belgian midfielder will be put in check on November 29 to determine the seriousness of the problem. In the worst case, Eden Hazard has to take 3-4 weeks off.

Unlike his time at Chelsea, Eden Hazard has been a constant friend of his hospital bed since moving to Real Madrid. The Belgian midfielder missed the first phase of the season with a muscle injury.

HOT Football News 11/22: Juventus finished Ronaldo’s future

Juventus finally decided on the future of Ronaldo

Before the transfer rumors in the past few days of Cristiano Ronaldo with MU, PSG or Real Madrid. Recently, Juventus Director Fabio Paratici has officially confirmed the future of the Portuguese superstar. Accordingly, Ronaldo will continue to stick with Juventus in the near future despite transfer rumors.

MU did unprecedented things this season

Manchester United welcomed West Brom at home in the 9th round of the Premier League on November 21. Bruno Fernandes’s only penalty spot in the 56th minute brought the Reds’ victory. Notably, this is also the first time MU has won at home this season.

A good player from MU finds his way out

According to The Sun, Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson is said to be looking to leave the team during the winter transfer window. Henderson wants to leave on loan to play more often. Bournemouth, Leeds, and Brighton are three Premier League teams that are interested in this goalkeeper.

The Dortmund striker set a record

On the night of November 21, Dortmund had a jubilant 5-2 victory over Hertha Berlin in the Bundesliga 8th round match. Besides Haaland’s poker (4 goals), notably in this match, the Ruhr team has made history by welcoming the youngest player to play in the Bundesliga. That was the case with Youssoufa Moukoko when the 16-year-old striker was replaced by Haaland in the 85th minute.

Barca received great losses

Barcelona suffered a defeat against Atletico Madrid in the Dean Henderson 10th round match on November 21. Not only lost the game, Barca also suffered great losses in terms of force when midfielder Pique had a knee injury and was expected to be out for 4-6 months.

Tottenham won Man City because of a good strategy

Tottenham excellently defeated Man City in the match of the 9th round of the Premier League that took place on November 21. Speaking after the game, Rooster manager Jose Mourinho said: “For me, I want the players to be interviewed because they have been playing great. Tactics sometimes play an important role and players have followed the set strategy“,

Man City sent a great offer to Lionel Messi

This summer, striker Lionel Messi insisted on leaving Barca. The star born in 1987 was not satisfied with the club’s plan and wanted to leave. However, the Argentine was unable to leave the Camp Nou due to the toughness of the Catalan team.

Lionel Messi’s contract with Barca is still valid until the summer of 2021, but there is no sign that the two sides will sign a new contract. His future is still a big question mark. The Argentine striker is waiting to see who will run the club after the next election. He wants to know his future projects and know what they are for if he stays.

In the case of leaving Barca in the form of a free transfer in the summer of 2021, Messi will become the target of many big teams. According to Europsport, Man City are hoping to get Messi’s signature on a free transfer, they accept to meet a very high salary for the M10.

Specifically, the Etihad team is ready to offer a 3-year contract with a very attractive salary of nearly 40 million euros per season. Man City CEO Omar Berrada personally confirmed:
All clubs want to have Messi in the squad. If he leaves Barca, we are definitely not out of the game.”

Chelsea’s rookie got COVID-19

Nadal won his 1,000th match at the ATP Tour

On the morning of 5-11, at the Paris Masters, Rafael Nadal overcame fellow countryman Feliciano Lopez with a score of 2-1 (4-6, 7-6, 6-4). The defending champion Roland Garros had a bit of a hard time losing in game 1. However, his superior level still helped him successfully upstream in the next two games.
This result helped Nadal reach 1,000 victories in the ATP Tour tournaments. He is the fourth player in history to have this feat, behind Jimmy Connors, Roger Federer, and Ivan Lendl.
At the Paris Masters, Nadal is ranked No. 1 and has many chances to be crowned.

Chelsea’s rookie got COVID-19

Before the match against Rennes in the Champions League on November 5, Chelsea coach Frank Lampard shared rookie Kai Havertz was positive for COVID-19. That also made him unable to participate in this match, when Chelsea had an easy 3-0 victory.
Havertz is quarantining himself and will also miss out on Sheffield United in the Premier League at the weekend.

Sakho is compensated by WADA

Former Liverpool midfielder Mamadou Sakho has finally found justice in his fight with the World Doping Prevention Agency (WADA). On the morning of November 5, WADA apologized for the accusations they made with the player in 2016.
Specifically, in March 2016, Sakho (also playing for Liverpool) was found positive for a substance called higenamine. The European Football Federation (UEFA) banned him from playing for 30 days. This made him lose the chance to attend the final of the Europa League season 2015-2016 with Liverpool as well as Euro 2016 with France.

At that time, Higenamine was not included in the banned list of WADA. UEFA later criticized WADA for not giving clear directives regarding the substance. Sakho also filed a lawsuit against the agency and after many years WADA accepted the apology. It is known that the French player will also receive a substantial compensation.

Thanks to Pogba, Arsenal ended the bad ‘curse’ with MU

MU continues the series of nightmares at the Theater of Dreams in the Premier League this season. Opening with a shocking defeat 1-3 Crystal Palace, then Solskjaer teachers and students were even more terrible – with a score of 1-6 against Mourinho’s Tottenham.

In the match to welcome Chelsea, MU drew goalless in the match, but Lampard decided, his team deserved 11m after the error of captain Harry Maguire. And last night, in Solskjaer’s 100th match with the Reds, MU continued to dry his shirt at Old Trafford, with Paul Pogba’s stupid mistake. The French midfielder ‘gave’ to the Gunners 11m and captain Aubameyang despite struggling recently, did not miss to bring 3 points for coach Mikel Arteta’s team.

With this result, Solskjaer has yet to win Arsenal since replacing Mourinho in December 2018. Not only that, with 4 home matches (losing 3, drawing 1), MU set the worst start record at Old Trafford in a season in the past 48 years. Currently, MU has only 7 points after 6 matches, ranking 15th in the Premier League. Meanwhile, with Arsenal, thanks to the 11m above, they ended two unwanted statistics: 14 years without winning at Old Trafford and the last 5 years have not surpassed any opponent in the top 6 Premier League.