More clubs want to rescue Jesse Lingard from Man Utd

At this moment, the future of Jesse Lingard at Man United is in great question. The British press revealed that Lingard is no longer in the plan of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United will sell him this summer.

Jesse Lingard told why he must consider Manchester United exit - Bóng Đá

Since Bruno Fernandes appeared, Lingard’s chances of playing are even more limited, even Juan Mata is used more often. This is not too difficult to understand because Lingard has been constantly disappointing during recent seasons.

Therefore, a source from The Athletic recently revealed that many clubs are ready to rescue Lingard from Old Trafford. Earlier, the press reported, coach David Moyes did not hesitate to plan to drag Lingard to West Ham to play.
Latest, it was West Brom’s turn to enter the competition for Lingard’s signature. According to The Independent, once winning the Premier League promotion ticket next season, West Brom will officially ask Man United about this case.

Man United News: Jesse Lingard, the man who dances to his own beat ...

Solskjaer is currently planning to recruit Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish. Therefore, Man United will sell off Lingard to open the way to welcome 2 blockbusters. On the other hand, Lingard may have considered leaving Old Trafford to rebuild his career.

If left Barca, Messi will go to Man City

The future of Lionel Messi is becoming a hot topic in Catalunya. The latest, British media said, Man City cares about Messi is real. If leaving Barcelona as rumored, Man City will be the most potential destination for the Argentine.

Đài Cadena SER khẳng định, Messi sẽ không gia hạn với Barca, và sẽ ra đi vào năm 2021

The media shock of Barcelona originated from Radio Cadena SER. According to the agency, Messi will not renew his contract with Barca, which will leave in 2021 when the contract expires. This information dealt a blow to Barca, which has not performed well recently, and has just been surpassed by Real Madrid with 4 points more in the race to win La Liga.
The effect of Messi’s departure immediately spread to England. FOX Sports journalist Christian Martin stated: If he leaves Barca, Messi will go to Man City. The Arab bosses have never stopped aspiring to own Messi, so just one chance, they will jump in.
At the time, a few years ago, City was still unstable, unable to invite Messi. But this is the stage when they have perfected the organizational structure, the squad is strong. Owning Pep Guardiola and Sergio Aguero, who has been very close to Messi in Barca before and on Argentina, also makes it easier to convince Messi.

Nếu rời Barca, Messi sẽ đến Man City

As if to add fuel to the fire, former President Sandro Rosell, an enemy of Josep Bartomeu, told ESPN that Messi’s departure from Barcelona was possible. “He won’t let himself get caught up in a power struggle at the top of Barca,” Mr. Rosell said. “Messi is smart enough to avoid becoming a puppet in the upcoming presidential election. It will be very complicated for Barca to lose Messi. They have to completely change the competition system, the internal activities, even the marketing way ”.
For fun, Newell’s Old Boys Vice President, Cristian D’Amico, also expressed his desire to welcome Messi back to play for his home team. “He and his family must make a decision,” he told the AS. “When Maradona returned to Newell’s in 1993, no one dared think he would make that decision. So we expect the same thing to happen to Leo. ”
Information about Messi was so heatedly discussed that Barca legend Rivaldo also spoke. He dreamed of a reunion between Messi and … Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus, a combination that people often only see in video games but no one dared to think it would come in real life. “Not just me, this is the dream of global football fans,” Rivaldo said.

Suarez blames Barca coach

Striker Luis Suarez thinks he and his teammates played hard, but Barca still dropped many points in the La Liga championship race.
After the Celta Vigo draw on June 27, Movistar asked Suarez what the current Barca problem was. He answered: “You have to ask Barca coaching team. They will analyze to find out the problem. My team and I have done everything we can on the pitch. It feels like Barca this season has lost a lot. away score, compared to previous seasons

Suarez trút giận lên HLV Setien và cộng sự. Ảnh: AFP7.

We lost confidence because we just dropped two points at Vigo. If we want to win the championship, we have to win the remaining matches and hope Real Madrid lose points somewhere. It is frustrating. Barca still has many difficult games, such as visiting at Villarreal or receiving Atletico Madrid at home. We have to fix mistakes to improve, “he added.

Suarez twice put Barca ahead of Celta, but twice the hosts equalized. Even if Nolito took better advantage of the opportunity in front of an empty goal at the last minute, Barca was empty. After the match, coach Quique Setien also said that Barca players lack confidence in scoring….

Barcelona: Luis Suárez to play with calf injury against Celta -

The second draw in a row away from homemade Barca short of breath in the championship race with Real. They climbed to the top of the table with a point more than their rivals. But, Real can recapture the top of the table if they win home against Espanyol in the game tonight.

Neymar paid for greed

On Friday, a court in Barcelona dismissed Neymar’s claim of 43.6 million euros for Barca, claiming that the PSG star had to pay the former club 6.7 million euros.
This is really a bitter fruit for Neymar, after persistent lawsuits with the Camp Nou team since 2017.

Neymar trả giá vì sự tham lam - Bóng Đá

In February, Neymar continued to drag Barca to court to demand up to 6.5 million euros. This lawsuit by Neymar aims to ask Barca to pay the money they owe the player in the transfer from Santos to Barca in the summer of 2013.
The star, born in 1992, believes that Barca must pay for the above sum of money in the sub-contracts that the Spanish club once offered to seduce Neymar to leave Santos until 2013.
However, while this lawsuit has not been resolved, Neymar has lost white in three lawsuits related to charges loyal to Barca.
“The Barcelona club was very pleased with the verdict from the city’s civil court on June 19,” the Catalonia home page wrote. “The lawsuit involves a player’s loyalty fee when he signed a new contract with Barca. The ruling from the court rejected the request for 43.6 million euros of loyal money from the player, and forced Neymar to return 6.7 million euros to the club.
“Because the player’s representative has the right to appeal this decision, Barca will continue to fight to protect their legitimate rights,” the Barca statement confirmed.
A player’s loyalty fee, also known as a “bribe fee” when a player signs a new contract with their current club is nothing new in modern football.
However, in Barca, things are more complicated when the Catalonia team often pays huge loyalty fees to the big stars when persuading them to stay.
Lionel Messi is such a case. Every time he signed a new contract with Barca, every time the club of Catalonia had to spend tens of millions of euros for the Argentine superstar. The same is true for Neymar.
In fact, Barca’s shady business activities are also the reason they pay so much for the players when they sign a new contract. For example, if a player receives a bribe instead of a high salary in the new contract, Barca will reduce the personal income tax on the player.
According to the Spanish media, in January 2016, when signing a new contract with the release fee of 222 million euros with Barca, Neymar was promised to pay 40 million euros of loyalty fee (that amount is now court confirmed 43.6 million euros), divided into 2 payments.
In the first payment of Barca, a 27-year-old striker received 14 million euros. The remaining amount will be paid once Neymar stays in the club until July 31, 2017. This provision is the reason why Neymar and his family deliberately delayed the transfer to PSG. The French club only spent money to break Neymar’s contract on August 3, 2017.
At the same time, however, when the Camp Nou hosts learned about Neymar’s intention to go to PSG, they decided not to pay the remaining bonus. Barca said that when the player moved to PSG, that means he violated the contract.
Neymar sued Barca for the first time to claim loyalty money in January 2018, the second time in September 2019, and the third time in December 2019.

To be able to receive a huge “loyalty fee” of up to 43.6 million euros in a lawsuit with Barca, the Neymar father and son have continued to rely on Juan de Dios Crespo, the famous lawyer in the football world.
Crespo used to hold a 222 million euro suitcase to the La Liga organizing committee office to free Neymar’s contract in the summer of 2017. Crespo and his colleagues wanted to prove that Neymar did not violate the contract agreement with Barca, when No action “go night” with PSG before 31/7.
In order to do that, they must use the evidence from PSG to increase the weight of the lawsuit. However, PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi later confirmed he would not testify in court.
This is one of the reasons why the Neymar side failed to bring a lawsuit before the court in Barcelona.

Neymar trả giá vì sự tham lam - Bóng Đá

Khelaifi’s refusal to testify in Neymar’s case against Barca has many causes. The Qatari boss himself has been in a lot of trouble with the European court. In February, Khelaifi was charged with bribery by the Swiss Attorney General’s Office (OAG).
Fortunately for Khelaifi, FIFA later withdrew the lawsuit against him, after the PSG chairman was said to have paid 1 million euros to the world football authority. The OAG can only prosecute Khelaifi for inciting crimes, with lesser administrative penalties.
Earlier in May 2019, a French court accused Khelaifi of bribery for winning the right to host the 2017 and 2019 World Athletics Championships for Qatar.
“Unkindly chanting”, this businessman certainly does not want to get involved in court just because of the greedy interests of Neymar.
Another reason is that Mr. Khelaifi has been advised by the lawyers’ team that if he testifies in the case of Neymar and the Brazilian player fails, he and PSG can be used by the Barca facility to sue because the crime of “going tonight” with players.
The example of banned transfer of Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, Real or Barca itself for many years is the clearest evidence for Khelaifi.

Napoli eliminated Inter from the National Cup

Draw Inter 1-1 in the semi-final on the evening of June 13, Napoli reached the final of the Italy Cup with a total score of 2-1.

Losing 0-1 away four months ago, Inter had to have a goal to raise hope of going forward. In the second minute, from the left corner, Christian Eriksen put the visitors ahead when he shot the ball home. Goalkeeper David Ospina was about to start a header on the near post, and did not react in time when the ball was smooth, not touching any player in the air.

Eriksen (phải) mở tỷ số cho Inter bằng cú đá phạt góc thành bàn. Ảnh: Inter.

The early goal helped Interplay excited. In the first half, they had nine more finishes, half the home team. Featured are two close-range shots, in the penalty area of ​​Antonio Candreva and a powerful header from Romelu Lukaku from close range. Antonio Conte’s army wants more goals, because if they can, they force Napoli to score two goals to continue (thanks to the away goal rule).
Conte’s decision to compensate for the compensation can be understood by Inter’s defense not playing well before Covid-19. In three matches in Italy, they conceded five times, and was the main reason Inter fell behind in the three-horse race to win the Scudetto with Juventus and Lazio.

On the evening of June 13, the trio of Alessandro Bastoni, Milan Skriniar, and Stefan De Vrij did not cover each other well. Many times they expose the gaps for the homeowners’ pace. Four minutes before the break, from the counter-attack on the left, Lorenzo Insigne drew two visitors defenders, before releasing them for Dries Mertens to easily cushion the ball close to the wall, equalizing 1-1.
In the second half, Napoli played a cluster and dropped deep into the yard. Coach Gennaro Gattuso only let Insigne and Mertens plugin above, making Inter almost only shooting long to find the way into Ospina goal. 75 minutes into the match, the visitors had the best opportunity to score when a player came on for Alexis Sanchez from a tight angle. The ball stretched, but missed the post.

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Keeping the results, Napoli reached the Italian Cup final with a total score of 2-1. They will meet Juventus, who just eliminated AC Milan by the away goal rule on the evening of 12/6. Although the race in Serie A soon ended with the Southern team, they still salvaged hope in the cup tournaments when the semi-final round of 1/8 Champions League with Barca. The defeat in the Italian Cup made Conte’s first season with Inter more difficult. After winning like splitting bamboo at the beginning of the season, in the hands of “Nerazzurri” now only Europa League and Serie A, where they are nine points behind leaders Juventus.

Pedro joins Rome

The Chelsea striker accepts a 2-year contract, with a one-year extension from AS Roma.
Corriere Dello Sport said Pedro Rodriguez was one of AS Roma’s first two contracts in the summer of 2002, alongside Chris Smalling. The former Barca player was out of contract on June 30, but was not invited by Chelsea to extend his contract.

Pedro mới có 2 bàn cho Chelsea từ đầu mùa. Ảnh: Reuters.

Having won three Champions League and La Liga years with Barca, Pedro hasn’t shown much in the last five seasons with Chelsea. The striker, born in 1987, sought a new parking lot in February 2020, before nodding to Roma.
Going to be 33, Pedro still wants to play in Europe, instead of going to Qatar to work with his senior Xavi in ​​Al Sadd. Besides Roma, Valencia, Real Betis, and Sevilla are pursuing Pedro. Finally, the 2010 World Cup champion chose to go to Italy to team up with former teammate Davide Zappacosta.
In order to earn Pedro the starting kick, while paying a $ 3.4 million lining fee, Roma wanted to liquidate a group of three players including Diego Perotti, Cengiz Under, and Justin Kluivert. The last two names are expected to bring in a decent amount, because they are both young and have a technical play.

Pedro quyết định chia tay Chelsea ngay sau mùa giải này | VTV.VN

Due to the lengthy European Championship 2019-2020 season because of Covid-19, Pedro was unable to visit Rome in July. He is in talks with Chelsea’s boss to be able to reach the new stop in August, to ensure the preparation time for the new season.
In the last two seasons, Roma has made a strong purchase, thanks to the profits from the sale of Mohamed Salah, Alisson Becker, Kostas Manolas, and many other players. However, Paulo Fonseca’s army is three points behind the top four, and playing more than one match.

PSG bought Icardi completely, MU benefited unexpectedly

PSG officially owns Icardi
PSG home page has officially announced the activation of the purchase of striker Mauro Icardi. In the notice, “PSG is pleased to announce the signing of Mauro Icardi on a permanent transfer, after borrowing the striker from Inter Milan in the 2019/20 season”.

"Bom tấn" đầu tiên hè 2020: PSG mua đứt Icardi, MU hưởng lợi bất ngờ - 1

Mauro Icardi signed a 4-year contract with PSG, until June 2024. To own the Argentinian striker in the squad, he must spend 50 million euros with 8 million euros depending on the contributions of this player.
PSG borrowed Icardi from the beginning of the 2019/20 season from Inter Milan. In the colors of the French champions, the 27-year-old Argentine striker has impressed with 20 goals and 4 assists after 31 appearances in all competitions.
Another notable detail in this deal is the “anti-Juventus” clause. Specifically, if PSG sells Icardi to Juventus, the French champion will have to pay Inter for another 15 million euros.
This transfer can be seen as a relief for both Icardi and Inter. Before coming to PSG, Icardi was the captain of Inter for many years, and has been with this team since 2013. However, this relationship then deteriorated.
After Icardi broke up, the Inter homepage only gave a mere 47 words: “Inter Milan announced the transfer of Mauro Icardi to PSG: The striker born in 1993 has completely moved to the French team. “The goal has been for us for 6 seasons and we wish you all the best in your future career.”

MU has benefited or not?
Mauro Icardi was once the captain of Inter but later lost his position. When coach Antonio Conte came to power, the Argentine striker was loaned to PSG. The promotion of Icardi buyout means that the opportunity to stay in the yard of the Prince of the Cavani Edison is almost no longer available.

"Bom tấn" đầu tiên hè 2020: PSG mua đứt Icardi, MU hưởng lợi bất ngờ - 2

The Uruguayan striker is out of contract with PSG at the end of June and is expected to reduce his salary by 40% to keep. In the case of PSG farewell, Cavani will have certain terminals to head to. In particular, MU is considered a big man capable of winning the signature of Cavani.
In January, MU and Atletico fiercely competed to own this 33-year-old striker. However, Cavani himself wants to stay at PSG until the end of the season. The reason is because Cavani hopes the final season of the team of Paris, he can conquer the Champions League title.
In addition, PSG’s management then tried to prevent this deal, because it had to share efforts on many fronts. But now, Cavani understands his future, and MU will probably easily forward, negotiate the contract. An attractive salary will help “Reds” own Cavani.
In his career, Cavani has scored 403 goals, including 353 in the club shirt, and 50 for the Uruguay national team. If the addition of Cavani, surely “Red Devils” attack will have an additional choice worth the wait.

Is Lewandowski famous for being arrogant and selfish?

Football of these days is very different. The lively sound of the stands filled with spectators in Germany disappeared. Only then was the performance of 22 players on the pitch trying to hear it clearly. Welcome to football in the Covid-19 era.
Many things change in the Bundesliga matches, Lewandowski’s danger is constant. On 23/5, the Polish striker marked the 27th goal this season with a goal against Eintracht Frankfurt. On all fronts, Lewandowski has scored 41 goals, the poorest one goal scored in the 2015/16 season.
Lewandowski is showing an impenetrable position at the Allianz Arena. Even at the age of 31, this spearhead still makes the rest of Germany admire. Number 9 cannot be prevented. The more sublime, the Polish striker suffered a great injustice, when he was forever someone who was never loved.

 - Bóng Đá

Talents are built on selfishness and arrogance
“Of course I was not selected to the list?”, Lewandowski answered Asian reporters on 20/5, when asked questions to name the five excellent strikers now. Number 9 always considers himself the best. And also because he always believes in himself, the Polish striker sometimes acts arrogant.

At Bayern, Lewandowski is not bored by anyone, even though it is Mats Hummels. They used to argue violently on the training ground. Going into the match, Lewandowski bluntly expressed dissatisfaction with Franck Ribery if he did not receive the correct pass. He was also selfish when he won the free-kick of David Alaba.
Lewandowski’s selfishness is not new. Once, the German media revealed that Kingsley Coman had all hinted that the 31-year-old striker was selfish and only thought about his number of goals. Another anonymous Bayern player described “Lewandowski as more personal than Arjen Robben”.
In Germany, not everyone loves Lewandowski. Borussia Dortmund fans call the striker the name “traitor”. Neutral fans saw the number 9 Poles as just “mercenaries”. “Six years ago, the Polish striker left Dortmund to Bayern. It was a decision for money. Lewandowski should have chosen Real or Chelsea,” ESPN journalist Stephan Uersfeld told Zing.
To describe Lewandowski’s attitude, one can use any negative words. Number 9 is a hot-tempered person, body language always expresses frustration, or complains and sometimes acts like a fool. The ego of former striker Borussia Dortmund is simply too big and sometimes makes everyone uncomfortable.

 - Bóng Đá

Pride has overwhelmed Lewandowski’s talent. At the end of the day, the 31-year-old striker still ignored all negative reviews to rise to become the world’s leading striker. This helps number 9 differentiate the rest. He is ready to face pressure and challenges to assert himself.
On the day Lewandowski had his 27th goal of the season, the moment of truth appeared at Allianz. Bayern owns the class-scoring assassin embodied in the number 9 shirt, who is talented and possesses a strong belief in himself. Lewandowski knows what his special qualities are.
Even when the world expressed doubts about Lewandowski, the 31-year-old striker still stood before the difficulties. Six years at Bayern, No. 9 proves his position inviolable. He constantly fired to become the club’s top goal scorer. Lewandowski has a great desire to score goals, always putting himself under a lot of pressure and ambition. He was selfish and arrogant, but that helped him burst.
Bayern is also the perfect environment to become a launch pad to raise Lewandowski’s career. Only in Munich, the new number 9 is best served. Bavarianfootballworks page analyzed that Thomas Mueller had to make many sacrifices to make a big discount for the Polish striker to shine. If not Bayern, Lewandowski will not get that far.

Rui Marques: From Fantasy gamers to player analysts

From the winner of the online Fantasy Football tournament, Rui Marques has come a long way into the real world of football. Different from the story of ‘keyboard coach’ Rene Maric, assistant to Marco Rose at Borussia Moenchengladbach, Marques sees football as a hobby after a day of hard but tedious financial work.

Rui Marques Từ game thủ Fantasy đến chuyên viên phân tích cầu th hình ảnh

“Football is neither my passion nor my special talent,” he said. However, the innocence of innocence has brought him into professional football as an international scout, working on both sides of the Atlantic.
Rui Marques has no serious plans for football. “I just want to go to college to go to college,” he fulfilled his wish with a degree in finance.

“My aspiration is to have a good financial job in a multinational company. But each year passed, every day was the same day. At that time I was about 26 or 27 years old, began to feel unbearable boredom repeatedly.
Everyone has a hobby. For Marques and friends in Portugal, it’s the ‘Fantasy football’ game. Perhaps even in his dreams he could not think that online games would open the door for him to enter the world of football.
In the mid-2000s, world football was rocked by Portuguese people. The first is Cristiano Ronaldo’s cult transfer to Manchester United and immediately received the legendary number 7 shirt. The following summer saw FC Porto win the Champions League, bridging Jose Mourinho to England, conquering the English Premier League. At the same time, the country on the Iberian Peninsula became the host of the Euro 2004 final.
Very naturally, Marques connected with English football.
“Portuguese news agencies follow in the footsteps of Mourinho and Ronaldo, so we know a lot about the Premier League.”
“We are registered to participate in many Fantasy Football tournaments in the UK. At that time, the newspaper organizations all offered great prizes. “
“To be honest, I thought it was just fun, but the results improved over time.”
“My first season was nothing special. My knowledge is good, but I don’t know too much about teams like Blackburn or West Ham. ”
Rene Maric: When an Online Coach enters the profession (P2)
Borussia Monchengladbach’s assistant coach, Rene Maric, is only 27 years old, but he is one of the most interesting personalities of the Bundesliga at the moment.
After finishing third in the 2006 season, Marques became more and more fiercely competitive. He applied data analysis skills to choose the correct squad. Coming from an economist to help him eliminate meaningless data, filter out really useful statistics to win each round.
“I am becoming more and more strict with my hobbies.”
Very quickly, his efforts were rewarded properly.
“In the 2009 season, I won the first prize of the competition organized by the Daily Mirror, the entire award was worth up to 75 thousand pounds. It was a memorable event in my life. “

rui 3

“The British started to restrict the audience – only for the citizens of the UK – I also had knowledge of the Bundesliga so I decided to attend the tournament organized by Bild. I won it again the first time I attended. Everything is very smooth sailing. Within 3 years I won the prize in both England and Germany.
One time may have been due to luck, but twice it was clear that Marques’ statistical analysis ability was working. He began to think about whether the skill and passion would bring anything useful to the football industry. It must be said that Marques does not have a close relationship to support the work, the experience in the football industry is zero, except for a coach certification issued by Hampshire county. The only thing Marques has is his competitive advantage over any other professional scout.
“In the summer of 2013, I decided to write a CV and try to expand relationships through social networking LinkedIn.”
“I am a complete outsider but I think I have something enough to go into the real world of football. I emailed many clubs in Portugal, accepting free work to realize my goals. “
Some feedback for Marques. Porto, the tournament champion of all time invited him to interview. But in the end, there was only one club ready for him to work.
“That is Estoril Praia. They were just a tiny team on the outskirts of Lisbon but at the time, they were thrilled with the ticket to the European Cup for the first time in history. Marco Silva is their coach. This is where I started scouting. ”
“I didn’t receive any money, but every weekend I went to watch matches in Portugal’s second and third places. Estoril’s main market is here. ”

Marques managed to keep a financial job – anyway, his life did not give him much choice. December of that year, he was a father for the first time. It was understandable that Marques’ wife kept wondering why he put so much time and energy into that free job.
“That period was extremely difficult. My wife is always there because I spend a lot of time but I don’t bring any money. The season didn’t go very well, but at the end of the year, the club signed two players from the second division based on my report.
The first one was Kuca, then playing for Chaves. He moved to Estoril and left to go to Turkey. Anderson Esiti played for Leixoes, later became a Nigerian national player, and was sold by Gent to Estoril. The club has made quite a bit of these two deals. Marques made the first breakthrough.

World Cup: 14 mascots in tournament history

Traditionally, each World Cup will have a common mascot symbolizing the cultural characteristics, as well as the message that the host country wants to spread to the world.
Lion Willie, England 1966

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

The first mascot in the history of the World Football Tournament is a picture of a Willie lion, wearing a United Kingdom flag shirt with the words World Cup.
The lion is the traditional symbol of England on the national emblem as well as the name of this country’s team, the Three Lions team. At this World Cup, the host of England won the championship and Brazil became the first defending team to be eliminated in the group stage.

Juanito boy, Mexico 1970

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

Boy Juanito wears a blue soccer uniform, Mexico’s play outfit, and a wide-brimmed hat (sombrero) with the words Mexico 70. The boy’s name is cordially known as Juan, a common name turns in Spanish speaking countries. Brazil is the team that won the cup this season.

The boys Tip and Tap, West Germany 1974

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

The boys- Tip and Tap-play happily in the uniform of the West German national football team with the words WM (in German Weltmeisterschaft means the World Cup) and the number 74. After World War II ended, the country Germany is divided into East and West Germany, separated by the Berlin wall. At the same time, the third World Cup was held in 1974, during a period of the Cold war between the two regions.
Born in this special time, the symbol of the season was more or less influenced by politics. The two boys Tip and Tap, dressed in German military gear, were not only mere mascots but also a symbol of their desire to restore peace between the two regions. Finally, West Germany is also the team that won the World Cup.

Gauchito boy, Argentina 1978

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

For 3 consecutive years, the image of the boy was used as a mascot at the World Cup and this time it was Argentina’s turn. The image of a boy wearing an Argentine football outfit, along with a scarf, whip, and a hat with the Argentine inscription 78, is imprinted on the minds of football fans in the world. Argentina won the World Cup for the first time at home.

Trái cam Naranjito, Tây Ban Nha 1982

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

Orange is a typical Spanish fruit. Therefore, the country has taken the image of an orange in a uniform, holding the ball, as the mascot of this 82 World Cup. The name of the orange comes from the Spanish word Naranja meaning “orange”, along with the intimate predicate “-ito”. However, Italy was the team that won the 1982 World Cup.

Pique chili, Mexico 1986

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

The mascot of the 86 World Cup is the image of a chili wearing a yellow hat with a mustache, a very popular fruit in Mexico because people eat it very hot and hot. And Argentina is the team that won the tournament.

Ciao, Italy 1990

Mascot, linh vật, linh vật world cup, world cup, world cup 2022, lịch sử world cup, linh vật world cup 2022,

This year’s mascot is quite different from the previous World Cup. The mascot Ciao is a stick-shaped player, with a ball head and a flagging body. Ciao’s name comes from the famous greeting in this country. Recruit West Germany and overcome the host to win the World Cup.