Arturo Vidal officially joins Inter Milan

The Barca club leaders want to cut Vidal’s huge salary from their salary fund by accepting the Chilean player to leave the Nou Camp for a symbolic fee of 1 million euros. Vidal took a flight to Italy to complete this transfer and officially returned to the Serie A playing field after five years from the date of moving from Juventus to Bayern Munich.

The news was also revealed yesterday by Italian sports journalist Fabrizio Romano: “Arturo Vidal to Inter, we welcome him together! Tomorrow he will fly to Milano. General agreement is reached with Barca. worth 1 million euros “.

Vidal’s departure is part of a major overhaul at Barca, the team that previously lost Ivan Rakitic – a player who switched to former side Sevilla on a free transfer earlier this summer.

New manager Ronald Koeman is making sweeping changes at the club after a horrifying 2-8 Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich in August. After Rakitic and Vidal, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez will likely leave, when Juventus and Atletico Madrid are competing fiercely.

Premier League 2020/2021: Return of the Big Six

The Premier League kicked off on September 12. The Premier League this year has become worth the wait because of many promising returns from the Big Six giants group.

After more than a month of rest, the Premier League 2020/2021 season has officially returned this weekend (September 12). Although spending a shorter summer compared to every year, most English Premier League teams have had a certain preparation, especially the 6 names that people often call the Big Six.
Last season, the 6 strongest teams in the Premier League were in different positions on the final standings. It was a season that Arsenal, Tottenham or partly Man Utd let less famous opponents like Leicester, Wolves or Sheffield dominate most of the season.
However, with the performance in the final phase of the season, the active pre-season momentum can be believed that the Big Six will regain its position in the Premier League 2020/2021.

The position of Liverpool and Man City

Only Liverpool and Man City are two rare names in the Big Six group that have kept stable in many recent seasons. The best evidence is the succession of these two teams. Besides, there are own achievements such as Liverpool’s Champions League 2018/2019 championship or a series of domestic titles (League Cup, FA Cup) of Man City.

Liverpool still retains the squad that helped them win the championship last season. That is also the reason why The Kop has not had any “blockbuster” so far. As for Man City, the farewell words of David Silva and Leroy Sane have been filled with the name Ferran Torres. Manchester’s blue half also promptly reinforced the defense with the name Nathan Ake from Bournemouth.

The potential of the remaining 4 teams in the Big Six

Of the remaining 4 teams in the Big Six, only Man Utd and Chelsea finished in the top 4. Arsenal and Tottenham brought great disappointment with only finishing sixth and eighth. Arsenal can only take the “last train” to the Europa League through the English Super Cup championship. And Tottenham, this team must start the Europa League journey from the second qualifying round.

In addition to the stories of the final position after the 2019/2020 season ends, this group’s performance is something worth discussing. With Man Utd and Chelsea, despite finishing in the top 4 with a Champions League ticket, these two teams mostly let Leicester and Sheffield dominate most of the season. Leicester and Sheffield only began to decline after the Covid-19 raging.

Similar to Arsenal and Tottenham, these two teams last season were not as appreciated as …. Wolverhampton – the team finished seventh in the final, along the journey to the quarter-finals of Europa League. Obviously with his reputation, it is unacceptable to the remaining big guys in the Big Six.
But next season is another story. Chelsea with quality additions last summer has shown somewhat signs of a return. Even this big man is considered a name that can break Liverpool and Man City‘s code.
With MU, although the team has a modest addition in the past summer, with the existing staff and the sprinting screen to finish third at the end of last season, the Red Devils are gradually regaining their position.

The war of golden generations

With France – the defending World Cup champion, Croatia – the World Cup runner-up and Portugal – the defending UEFA Nations League champion, this is the table of the strongest teams in the world at the moment.

Before joining, the French team received bad news when two star midfielders Paul Pogba and Tanguy Ndombele were positive for the corona virus.
In addition, there are many stars who have been injured or were allowed to leave because of the recent Champions League progress such as Kingsley Coman, Blaise Matuidi, Corentin Tolisso, Benjamin Pavard, Aymeric Laporte …, France lost nearly a dozen stars when stepping. to the UEFA Nations League.
Despite that, 23 names in the hands of coach Didier Deschamps are still valued at more than 900 million euros and is one of the two most expensive teams in Europe at the moment (along with England). A figure shows the affluence of French football at present.
And one of the football backgrounds that can be compared to France in terms of the number of stars right now is Portugal. When Cristiano Ronaldo is still useful, his juniors are starting to show the potential to replace seniors in the race of the world’s most expensive superstars.
Accordingly, in terms of value in the transfer market, Portugal now has three players with a higher valuation than Ronaldo – who is only valued at 60 million euros by Transfermarkt because he has passed the age of 35. That is Bruno Fernandes (70 million), Bernardo Silva (80 million) and Joao Felix (81 million).
Not to mention Portugal also has Ruben Neves (50 million), Nelseon Semedo (40 million), Ruben Dias (35 million) … Even Trincao – the 20-year-old player was called for the first time – is also a throne. Promising stars, after being bought by Barca for 31 million euros.

With Croatia, their peak period has passed in the 2018 World Cup, when the pillars such as Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, Ivan Perisic, Domagoj Vida, Dejan Lovren … are now over 30. At this summon Coach Zlatko Dalic did not call Modric and Rakitic to facilitate both preparations with the club ahead of the new season.
But it is not possible to under estimate Croatia. In fact, Croatian stars tend to “bloom late” at the age of 26-27. Therefore, the young players in the hands of coach Dalic at this time, such as Josip Brekalo, Nikola Vlasic, Mario Palasic … though not so prominent, still have potential.
With Sweden, they are also experiencing a “drought” star when in the team at this time only Victor Lindelof is a name known to a large number of fans. The remaining pillars such as Robin Olsen, Sebastian Larsson, Albin Ekdan, Emil Forsberg, and Marcus Berg are almost exclusively attached to the average club.
But in the hands of coach Janne Andersson, such an ordinary team has been making headlines for the past two years. In the 2018 World Cup, Sweden played impressively to reach the quarter finals.
To the UEFA Nations League, they topped the group B group stage and then won tickets to Group A this season. In the Euro 2020 qualifiers, they also easily overcome in a group with many strong opponents.
At the team level, Sweden’s defensive counter-attacking style is hailed as “the most scientific tactic in the world“. With that play, they are ready to make it difficult for every giant team. And France will face this when they meet Sweden in the first round.

How will Man City pay Messi’s benefits?

Despite age and Covid-19 affecting the overall financial situation, Lionel Messi’s income will still increase if he moves from Barca to Man City this summer.

The strangest thing regarding the best player- Messi- in football history, who has scored more than 630 goals, won 33 club titles and six Golden Balls, is that he can still leave freely. Messi did not go to Barca’s Covid-19 test, an obligation to fulfill every player who wants to play in La Liga next season. The Argentine striker believes that a term in his contract with Barca allows him to leave the club automatically without any transfer fees.
But even when leaving Barca freely, the financial burden on Man City or any team that wants to own Messi will not decrease. Messi is receiving a weekly salary after tax of about $ 667,000 in Barca, but is not sure to maintain that number in the new team. Because of Covid-19’s influence, Sheffield Hallam University’s Dr Robert Wilson believes that no team is willing to pay that salary to a player, even taking into account marginal trade and potential. advertisement. “I do not think any team can afford to pay a large sum for Messi right now,” Wilson told Sport Mail (UK). “I have not seen a move of genuine interest from the clubs, especially in the Premier League, in the current context. They are all cautious. Besides money, the teams must also take into account the impact of this. This deal comes to society. All are trying to act with greater social responsibility. “
According to Wilson, if Man City spends a huge amount of money on Messi without careful calculation, the labor unions will fight them. “The maximum salary that a club can pay Messi now is $ 400,000 a week,” he said. That is, Messi’s salary must definitely decrease significantly compared to his time at Barca.
Man City cannot pay high salaries, but Messi’s annual gross income will certainly be better. This depends on the reality of the automatic release clause that Messi signed with Barca. Camp Nou team believes that the term has expired on June 10. But Messi’s lawyers cite the plague to assert that the 2019-2020 season actually ends on August 14, and the time when Messi faxes the request to leave is appropriate to trigger this provision.

However, one amount of money that Messi will not benefit from is the sale of the jersey. Specifically, Messi’s No. 10 shirt is the most sought after in the football world. PUMA is sponsoring jerseys for Man City, with a value of approximately $ 87 million per year. According to Wilson, the sportswear company spends that much money to produce the club’s jersey and sell it. Profits flow directly into their pockets, which Man City does not enjoy. “Maybe there will be a clause: If the team sells this million jerseys thanks to Messi, Messi will get a commission,” said Wilson. “But these terms are very rare in top clubs. I don’t think Messi will get this extra.”
However, Taylor said that if shirt sales soar, PUMA will have to actively share shares with Man City and Messi, because this shows their ambition to cooperate in the next contract, creating money. deals with the sportswear company to negotiate the next shirt sponsorship deal with Man City, amid stiff competition with Nike and Adidas.
In general, experts agree that this is not a single transfer, when Man City bought Messi to play football. This is a “transfer package” that incorporates many benefits that need to be carefully calculated, because Messi has long passed the limit of football players. England is a global icon.

The special record of German football in the Champions League this year

The participation of three coaches Julian Nagelsmann, Hansi Flick and Thomas Tuchel in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals this season brings a special record of European football.

3 vị HLV người Đức cùng góp mặt ở bán kết Champions League /// AFP/Reuters

Bayern Munich won tickets to the semifinals of the Champions League with a jubilant 8-2 victory over Barcelona, ​​causing shockwaves throughout the football world. Nagelsmann helped RB Leipzig knock out another Spanish opponent with a 2-1 win over Atletico Madrid to prepare to face his former teacher Tuchel, who helped Paris Saint Germain make a spectacular comeback against Atalanta 2-1 earlier.
Thus, Julian Nagelsmann, Hansi Flick and Thomas Tuchel will participate in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals for the first time. Not only that, this is also the first time in the history of Europe’s most prestigious tournament that three coaches from the same country (Germany) have participated in the semi-finals.
“It was a great moment of success for German football,” said Oliver Bierhoff, a former Germany striker, technical director of the German national team and academy director of the German Football Federation. We are very proud that not only have two German teams in the semi-finals but also three German coaches and a lot of our players in the top four most powerful teams in Europe.

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This trio of coaches have just “set foot on a new land”, before that they have never reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. In addition, coach Flick could set a new record if Bayern Munich won the semi-final against Lyon: no coach has ever won seven consecutive Champions League victories for the first time. Since taking the position of head coach at Bayern Munich instead of Niko Kovac, Flick helped Bayern Munich to win 3 matches in the second leg of the Champions League group stage before winning Chelsea 2 times and returning (3-0 and 4-1) and then pressed beat Barcelona 8-2 in the quarterfinals.
The flick also helped Bayern Munich win the Bundesliga championship with the German Cup and hope to have another treble. The last time “Gray Lobster” did that was defeating Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final in 2013. It was also the last time two Bundesliga teams participated in the semi-finals of Europe’s most prestigious tournament.

Dean Henderson still has to leave Man United next season

Last season, David De Gea unexpectedly became one of the most criticized names at Old Trafford. In fact, the Spanish goalkeeper still has many miraculous reflexes and helps the Reds avoid visible goals, but De Gea’s certainty has disappeared when he made a series of blunders. .
By contrast, another Manchester United goalkeeper, Dean Henderson, has just gone through a booming season for Sheffield United on loan. The fact that The Blades only conceded 39 goals has partly proved the class of the British star. And of course, there were many fans calling for coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to let Henderson become the number one choice in the wooden frame instead of De Gea next season.

Man utd will loan Dean Henderson next season - Bóng Đá

However, Solsa has not lost faith in De Gea, so the above scenario is not expected to happen. However, the Old Trafford team also attaches great importance to Henderson and sees him as a replacement for De Gea in the long term. According to the Daily Mail, the Red Devils asked Henderson to sign a new contract with a significantly increased salary.

Sheffield Utd transfer approach indicates Man Utd's Dean Henderson ...

Notably, instead of letting Henderson return to Old Trafford, Man United will continue to let the English goalkeeper play on loan at Sheffield United for the third consecutive season to continue his personal development.

Mbappe recovered miraculously before the encounter with the ‘phenomenon’ C1

In the cup final between Paris Saint-Germain and Saint-Etienne last week, young star Kylian Mbappe was injured and had to leave the field with a painful expression. The subsequent diagnosis showed that the injury was not too serious, but the striker will still have to sit out for about 3 weeks, missing the final of the French League Cup with Lyon and the Champions League quarter-final against Atalanta.

Tuchel On Mbappé’s Decision to Stay With PSG for Next Season - Bóng Đá

However, recently, two pages of RMC Sport and L’Equipe simultaneously reported, Mbappe’s injury recovered faster than expected, tests show that the young star’s problem is not as serious as expected. head. The French champions will travel to Portugal to prepare for the quarterfinals this weekend, Mbappe is expected to be able to participate in the training.
This season, he is the most important player of PSG, scoring 30 goals and 18 assists after only 34 appearances in all competitions, including 5 goals and 5 assists in 7 matches. Champions League.

Huyền thoại Alan Shearer kêu gọi Mbappe đến Ngoại hạng Anh tỏa ...

PSG’s quarter-final opponent, Atalanta, is an interesting unknown of the Champions League this season. Right to attend the highest tournament in the continent, the “weak” of Italy advanced straight to the quarterfinals, destroying Valencia with a total score of 8-4 in the round of 16 teams.

Thailand plans “crisis” to depose Vietnam

The homepage of the Asian Football Federation recently confirmed that Vietnamese women’s football is fully capable of attending the World Cup. AFC home page wrote: “With the 6th place in Asia, the Vietnamese women’s team has the highest rank in history. But they have never participated in the World Cup, while great rival Thailand has done it twice. this”.
“The Vietnamese women’s team is unbeaten in 2019, they won the AFF Cup and the SEA Games, the gap between Vietnamese women’s football and the group of powers in Asia is also narrowing,” the author said.


Recently, Thailand has planned to enter the top 100 in the world, as well as pass Vietnam to regain the No. 1 position in Southeast Asia. Looking to the long-term future, Thailand is targeting a series of young talents owned by European teams.
Ben Davis is one of the “War Elephants” greatest hopes. The 19-year-old has just been renewed by Fulham. The second face is Thanawat Suengchitthawon, a 20-year-old versatile midfielder trained in France. In addition, Jude Soonsup-Bell (Chelsea), Eric Kahl and Nicholas Mickelson are also in the long-term plan of the Golden Temple team.


According to Tran Duc Phan – Deputy Director-General of the General Department of Sports and Physical Education, SEA Games 31 takes place in Vietnam will not build new or establish athletes’ villages. He said: “Currently the works over time have deteriorated, we only renovate, maintain and repair to serve the 31st SEA Games”.
“We will not build or establish an additional athlete village as expected, but instead the officials and athletes who compete in that venue will, for example. like Hanoi will stay at the hotel, but local, through inspection and survey found that all locations also have hotels that meet the requirements, guaranteed from 4 stars or more. So SEA Games 31 will not build or organize an athletes’ village, “said Tran Duc Phan.

Solskjaer directly criticized the criminals of MU before Chelsea

The Red Devils have been unbeaten after losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final. A match where personal mistakes cost United.
Before facing Chelsea, Solsa’s army had an impressive victory circuit. However, the defense of this team, especially goalkeeper David De Gea, still makes the home team nervous. And De Gea was the one who did not play well against Chelsea, contributing to the home team to shame defeat.
The goalkeepers have almost no chance of making a mistake. David made some great saves, but he could have made a save on the second goal. He knew he could stop 100 out of 100. shot like that but this is football. The decision to use De Gea was made by me, “said the captain.

man utd chelsea

This is not the first time the Spaniard has made a direct mistake on the home team’s goal. It was this fluttering form that made former star Atletico Madrid stripped of the captain’s armband at Old Trafford.
However, Harry Maguire – the one in charge of wearing the Reds’ captain’s arm is not much better than De Gea. Consistent mistakes in recent matches are making fans of Man Utd question the £ 80 million that the team must spend on Leicester City to own the England player.

Thảm hại thế nào, ghế Solskjaer vẫn chắc | Bóng Đá

In fact, getting out of the FA Cup is not too bad for MU. Currently, the main goal of Solsa teachers and students is still a place in the top 4 in the Premier League. With Leicester stumbling, facing West Ham will be an opportunity for the Red Devils to advance on the standings.

More clubs want to rescue Jesse Lingard from Man Utd

At this moment, the future of Jesse Lingard at Man United is in great question. The British press revealed that Lingard is no longer in the plan of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United will sell him this summer.

Jesse Lingard told why he must consider Manchester United exit - Bóng Đá

Since Bruno Fernandes appeared, Lingard’s chances of playing are even more limited, even Juan Mata is used more often. This is not too difficult to understand because Lingard has been constantly disappointing during recent seasons.

Therefore, a source from The Athletic recently revealed that many clubs are ready to rescue Lingard from Old Trafford. Earlier, the press reported, coach David Moyes did not hesitate to plan to drag Lingard to West Ham to play.
Latest, it was West Brom’s turn to enter the competition for Lingard’s signature. According to The Independent, once winning the Premier League promotion ticket next season, West Brom will officially ask Man United about this case.

Man United News: Jesse Lingard, the man who dances to his own beat ...

Solskjaer is currently planning to recruit Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish. Therefore, Man United will sell off Lingard to open the way to welcome 2 blockbusters. On the other hand, Lingard may have considered leaving Old Trafford to rebuild his career.