Coutinho is one of Barcelona’s most anticipated signings to fill Neymar’s position. The Brazilian midfielder was one of the Premier League’s top stars at the time. Therefore, the Nou Camp team does not regret “money” to be recruited.

Barcelona spent up to £ 124 million to bring Coutinho to La Liga and this number could rise to £ 142 million with terms attached. However, the Brazilian midfielder never met expectations.

Coutinho’s problem at Barcelona is the gameplay somewhat similar to Messi. Although kicking against the wing, both are subject to move and “eat” the ball much while on the field there is only one rolling ball. All of Barcelona’s passes were directed at the Argentinian superstar.

Therefore, despite trying very hard to integrate under 3 coaches Valverde, Setien and now Koeman, Coutinho’s position has never been improved. Perhaps the Barcelona deal was wrong from the start.

Currently, Barcelona is also in a dilemma with Coutinho’s case. The Brazilian midfielder has only 8 games left to reach 100 matches for the Nou Camp team. By that time, Barcelona will have to pay Liverpool an additional £ 18 million to complete £ 142 million in the contract.

However, the Covid-19 translation caused Barcelona’s finances in crisis, so they did not want to pay this amount. That means that if Koeman wants to, he cannot use Coutinho. One way for Barcelona to get out of this situation is to sell his “hit blockbuster”.

But there is another problem, that is, Coutinho’s price is too “poor” compared to what Barcelona spent. The press reports that the Nou Camp team is ready to sell the Brazilian midfielder for £ 45 million, less than a third of what they spent.

Accepting a loss but Barcelona is still difficult to push away because Coutinho’s salary is not low and the midfielder is constantly injured. Barcelona’s latest appearance, the Brazilian midfielder could not play all the match even from the bench. No one wants to spend nearly 50 million pounds to collect a “sick soldier”. It can be said that Barcelona is “dilemma” in this case.