Suarez blames Barca coach

Striker Luis Suarez thinks he and his teammates played hard, but Barca still dropped many points in the La Liga championship race.After the Celta Vigo draw on June 27, Movistar asked Suarez what the current Barca problem was. He answered: “You have to ask Barca coaching team. They will analyze to find out the problem. […]

Neymar paid for greed

On Friday, a court in Barcelona dismissed Neymar’s claim of 43.6 million euros for Barca, claiming that the PSG star had to pay the former club 6.7 million euros.This is really a bitter fruit for Neymar, after persistent lawsuits with the Camp Nou team since 2017. In February, Neymar continued to drag Barca to court […]

Pedro joins Rome

The Chelsea striker accepts a 2-year contract, with a one-year extension from AS Roma.Corriere Dello Sport said Pedro Rodriguez was one of AS Roma’s first two contracts in the summer of 2002, alongside Chris Smalling. The former Barca player was out of contract on June 30, but was not invited by Chelsea to extend his […]