Nadal won his 1,000th match at the ATP Tour

On the morning of 5-11, at the Paris Masters, Rafael Nadal overcame fellow countryman Feliciano Lopez with a score of 2-1 (4-6, 7-6, 6-4). The defending champion Roland Garros had a bit of a hard time losing in game 1. However, his superior level still helped him successfully upstream in the next two games.
This result helped Nadal reach 1,000 victories in the ATP Tour tournaments. He is the fourth player in history to have this feat, behind Jimmy Connors, Roger Federer, and Ivan Lendl.
At the Paris Masters, Nadal is ranked No. 1 and has many chances to be crowned.

Chelsea’s rookie got COVID-19

Before the match against Rennes in the Champions League on November 5, Chelsea coach Frank Lampard shared rookie Kai Havertz was positive for COVID-19. That also made him unable to participate in this match, when Chelsea had an easy 3-0 victory.
Havertz is quarantining himself and will also miss out on Sheffield United in the Premier League at the weekend.

Sakho is compensated by WADA

Former Liverpool midfielder Mamadou Sakho has finally found justice in his fight with the World Doping Prevention Agency (WADA). On the morning of November 5, WADA apologized for the accusations they made with the player in 2016.
Specifically, in March 2016, Sakho (also playing for Liverpool) was found positive for a substance called higenamine. The European Football Federation (UEFA) banned him from playing for 30 days. This made him lose the chance to attend the final of the Europa League season 2015-2016 with Liverpool as well as Euro 2016 with France.

At that time, Higenamine was not included in the banned list of WADA. UEFA later criticized WADA for not giving clear directives regarding the substance. Sakho also filed a lawsuit against the agency and after many years WADA accepted the apology. It is known that the French player will also receive a substantial compensation.