Due to the serious spread of Covid-19 pandemic around the world, especially in Europe, English Premier League season has been suspended indefinitely. However, it has been reported that the league chiefs will back plan to finish the season recently.

According to the Daily Mail, a virtual meeting between the heads of 20 Premier League clubs was took place on Friday, May 1st to discuss about a plan of season resuming. Accordingly, all the members expressed their desire to continue the 2019/2020 season despite of the extremely dangerous situation of the pandemic.

Following that, in a meeting with 55 members of association, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) issued an ultimatum which requires the Premier Leagues to finish off the current campaign by end of July.

To deal with the pandemic and complete the tournament according to UEFA requirements, all the remaining Premier League matches will likely take place in an unattended audience. More strangely, matches will be held at several neutral stadiums, planed for the Midlands at different times.

King Power Stadium (Leicester City)

Premier League 2019/2020 still has 92 matches. The new schedule will probably cause the clubs to play with very high frequency (every 3 days for 1 match). This approach will help the organizers to finish the season by the deadline and ensure the safety of the player, while limiting the number of organizational and medical staff to a minimum.

Also according to the Daily Mail, fans do not need to be worried because all the matches of Premier League will be broadcast live on television (Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said).

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden in talks for Premier League resuming

There are still many concerns if the tournament is organized behind the closed door, particularly the audience can gather at friends’ houses to watch TV, leading to high risk of virus infection. Moreover, UEFA are also not really sure that they can complete the season according to the desired plan.