Real Madrid has just had the second loss in the last 3 rounds when it was beaten 2-1 by Alaves despite playing at home. Lucas Perez and Joselu are the two-goal scorers for the visitors while Real Madrid has only had one successful response from Casemiro. If Isco’s stoppage-time finish did not find the crossbar, Real Madrid would have had 1 point.

However, that doesn’t change much because Real Madrid is playing really not well. This is puzzling after what they performed to Inter in midweek and even Zinedine Zidane cannot explain.

I also do not understand why. Today, we have alternating good and bad moments. Alaves had the opening goal in the 3rd minute, making things complicated. We played well in Milan but today, I have to face reality. What we have been doing must continue. It is training, restoring and regaining motivation. I think we are lacking in focus.

I will not reveal what I will do but I will definitely find a solution with my students. We should not just think about negative things. The players also did some things that couldn’t be criticized and needed more concentration.

Not only lost, but Real Madrid also received bad news when Eden Hazard was injured. The Belgian midfielder played only about half of the first half before being replaced by Rodrygo. Coach Zidane is also unclear about the student’s situation: “I think and hope it is just a mild pain. I don’t expect it to be a muscle injury.”

Eden Hazard feels uncomfortable with a muscle bundle in his right leg when moving. The Belgian midfielder will be put in check on November 29 to determine the seriousness of the problem. In the worst case, Eden Hazard has to take 3-4 weeks off.

Unlike his time at Chelsea, Eden Hazard has been a constant friend of his hospital bed since moving to Real Madrid. The Belgian midfielder missed the first phase of the season with a muscle injury.