The homepage of the Asian Football Federation recently confirmed that Vietnamese women’s football is fully capable of attending the World Cup. AFC home page wrote: “With the 6th place in Asia, the Vietnamese women’s team has the highest rank in history. But they have never participated in the World Cup, while great rival Thailand has done it twice. this”.
“The Vietnamese women’s team is unbeaten in 2019, they won the AFF Cup and the SEA Games, the gap between Vietnamese women’s football and the group of powers in Asia is also narrowing,” the author said.


Recently, Thailand has planned to enter the top 100 in the world, as well as pass Vietnam to regain the No. 1 position in Southeast Asia. Looking to the long-term future, Thailand is targeting a series of young talents owned by European teams.
Ben Davis is one of the “War Elephants” greatest hopes. The 19-year-old has just been renewed by Fulham. The second face is Thanawat Suengchitthawon, a 20-year-old versatile midfielder trained in France. In addition, Jude Soonsup-Bell (Chelsea), Eric Kahl and Nicholas Mickelson are also in the long-term plan of the Golden Temple team.


According to Tran Duc Phan – Deputy Director-General of the General Department of Sports and Physical Education, SEA Games 31 takes place in Vietnam will not build new or establish athletes’ villages. He said: “Currently the works over time have deteriorated, we only renovate, maintain and repair to serve the 31st SEA Games”.
“We will not build or establish an additional athlete village as expected, but instead the officials and athletes who compete in that venue will, for example. like Hanoi will stay at the hotel, but local, through inspection and survey found that all locations also have hotels that meet the requirements, guaranteed from 4 stars or more. So SEA Games 31 will not build or organize an athletes’ village, “said Tran Duc Phan.